Polaris Primary Clutch Tool Kit


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This is the tool kit for a Polaris primary clutch. This works on almost all RZRs, Generals, Rangers OBS, & Sportsman. This is everything you will need to disassemble the primary clutch.

Used to hold/constrain the stationary sheave when removing the spider and shimming for belt-to-sheave clearance.
Can be mounted on workbench or clamped into vise to contact all webs for maximum support.
Strong center support for holding stability while applying off center torque that allows for single person operation.
High quality materials for life time use and a molded storage case to keep organized.
REF Polaris OEM 2871358

This kit also includes the socket for the spyder nut and to remove the spyder assembly. We will have a video on how to dissemble the primary clutch in the future.

ITEM # 57-0545, 57-0544, 22-9605

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