Polaris Output Shaft & Snorkel Gear & Retainer Plate Kit


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The BullGear meshes with the snorkel gear. It is strongly suggested you replaced as a set.


Specialized ATV complete snorkel gear kit, includes, lapped Snorkel gear and pinion shaft so gears mesh and mate perfectly. Material is 9310 Alloy steel, which is used in numerous racing applications such as NHRA, NASCAR, BAJA trophy trucks ect. Our output shaft, uses a bolt and washer, over the factory Retainer and Cir-clip that commonly bends allowing the snorkel gear to try and push off allowing backlash to change causing gear failure. SPATV output shaft material is made from 300m, which is very high strength aircraft grade low alloy steel, making it 45% stronger than factory. Kit also comes with our CNC Machined 3/8 HD pinion shaft hold down plate. CNC machined for precise fitment, no jagged edges, or worrying about bolt holes lining up.


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